Election Day Tallies

South Carolina GOP Primary

1. McCain – 33%
2. Huckabee – 30%
3. Thompson – 16%
4. Romney – 15%
5. Paul – 4%
6. Giuliani – 2%
7. Hunter – 0%

Huge win for McCain. If he goes on to win Florida it’ll become far more than likely that he’ll be the nominee.

Bad showing for Romney. South Carolina and Florida are quite alike. Florida is the gatekeeper for Super Tuesday.

For Huckabee the writing is on the wall. If he couldn’t win South Carolina how could he win Florida, much less out West?

Thompson’s campaign is beyond over and done. Presumably he’ll drop out either before or shortly after Florida.

Nevada GOP Caucus

1. Romney – 51%
2. Paul – 14%
3. McCain – 13%
4. Huckabee – 8%
5. Thompson – 8%
6. Giuliani – 4%
7. Hunter – 2%

Good win for Romney. Yeah, that state was uncontested and the results are non-binding. But, still, a win is a win.

Nevada Democrat Caucus

1. Clinton – 51%
2. Obama – 45%
3. Edwards – 4%

Clinton had the old unions. Obama had the young unions. That clash only will intensify when the campaign moves to California and its mother lode of delegates.

But, still, the question must be asked: If Obama couldn’t win a caucus in Nevada — with favorable precinct rules — how on Earth can he expect to win a primary in California?

So, ergo, Clinton looks good for the nomination, regardless what happens in South Carolina.

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