The Wizbang Primary

There’s been a lot of interest from readers here at Wizbang about the race for the White House, and before the big Super Tuesday match-ups start their pregame warmups and drown out everyone else, I’d like to put up an informal poll to see who everyone would like.

Here’s how it works: Everyone gets two votes. Please say first whether you tend to lean more to the Republicans or to the Democrats, then say who you would vote for if the Republican and Democratic primary were being held today in your state. What’s different here, is that everyone gets a vote on each side. As an example and to start things off, I lean Republican (OK, I lean so far GOP that I’m horizontal, but you get the idea), and if I were to pick a Democrat I’d choose Barack Obama and if I were to vote for a Republican right now, I’d go for Fred Thompson.

If enough people participate, this will give us a feel not only for the preferences of Wizbang readers, but it can illuminate the significance of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ primaries. That is, each primary will produce two sets of results – the results from voters who ‘declare’ a preference for that party, and results from all voters.

Since I did not bother to get the blessing from either party’s National Committee, no real delegates will be awarded, but even so, I’d say this is worth a go.

Have at it!

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