Judge Hands Clinton a Defeat re: Nevada Caucuses

Democrats with ties to Hillary Clinton failed to prevent low-wage casino workers from caucusing in Nevada at special precincts.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge James Mahan is a victory for Barack Obama, who previously was endorsed by the union representing many of the workers who now will be able to utilize those precincts, thereby boosting turnout.

‘State Democrats have a First Amendment right to association, to assemble and to set their own rules,’ Mahan said.


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Here’s a link to the AP’s version of events.

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BTW, that judge was nominated by George W. Bush. Is that a coincidence? Of course it is. That was an easy ruling for any sentient attorney. But, still, it’s hard to resist the Machiavellian implications, isn’t it? For a Paul-bot, I suspect, it would be hard to resist images of neocon puppet masters using their mind-control powers.

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Speaking of the Democrat caucuses in Nevada, as of Thursday afternoon (PST), the Intrade political markets were betting on the following results:

1. Obama – and rising
2. Hillary – falling

Go figure.

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