Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Democrats Downplay the Race Card — Time


* * *
Kucinich asks High Court for help — Associated Press

Dennis, buddy, the help you need is from sources other than the courts. Thorazine probably would be a good starting point.

* * *
Universal health care plans [stymied by] U.S. law — USA Today

No good deed goes unpunished.

* * *
Bloomberg vows to cut NYC taxes, if he can — Reuters

So, ergo, it’s not really a vow but more like maybe, possibly, could be?

* * *
Legal aid programs spend money on perks — Associated Press

I’m shocked — shocked — that pro bono lawyers would be spending public money on such items as booze, overdue bills, interest-free loans and lobbying fees.


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Judge Hands Clinton a Defeat re: Nevada Caucuses