I suppose someone could wheel him out of the hospital

An interesting trial is taking place in Palm Beach County

A 50-year-old man paralyzed in a police shooting faces a jury in a courtroom this week from what looks like a hospital bed.

Ira Frierson lay on a modified wheelchair Wednesday, covered by a white blanket, a medic at his side, as jurors, still unaware of the nature of his injuries, were asked their impression of his condition.


A few jurors said that, although they were surprised to see him lying there and felt sorry for his condition, they could put those feelings aside.

“He’s got to be here for a reason,” another prospective juror said.

Frierson faces a gantlet of charges stemming from an October 2006 carjacking at a gas pump in which he’s accused of holding up a man and commandeering his car.

A West Palm Beach police officer soon arrived and allegedly found Frierson with a gun.

Police have said Frierson fired at the officer but missed. The officer fired and didn’t, landing four of six bullets in Frierson’s torso.

Frierson, who appears to be able to move only his right arm, faces life in prison if convicted.

If Mr. Frierson really shot at police, he deserves to be tried, even with his present medical condition. Note how the article says ‘police officer soon arrived and allegedly found Frierson with a gun’. Is Frierson’s defense based on his saying he was unarmed. I been living in Palm Beach County long enough to see prosecutions that have made little or no sense, or police officers who do shoot and kill people or engage in reckless and dangerous to the public safety get a pass. My respect for law enforcement in this county took a hit 3 years ago when I nearly got arrested for waving down a police car to assist me when my car broke down. The officer ‘feeling threatened’ had three more police cruisers show up. I got treated little better than a criminal that November 2004 day, and from that moment on I’ve lost respect for most of the local law enforcement. They harass the law abiding public because they are on some kind of power trip. The same can be said for State Attorney Barry Krischer who is a feckless prosecutor and he can’t leave office too soon so far as I’m concerned.

Here’s what I consider the most interesting part of the story.

He has remained in the hospital since the shooting more than a year ago. According to a media account, sheriff’s deputies assigned to guard the paralyzed man, shackled to the bed, accumulated at least $138,000 in overtime before he was placed on an electronic monitor.

Over one hundred grand in Florida tax dollars spent on police overtime in order to keep a likely quadripelegic for life who is shackled to his bed from fleeing. On the other hand I suppose it keeps some bozo from arresting a person whose crime is having their car break down. Don’t you just love the Sunshine State?

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