Judge Orders Libya to Pay $6 Billion for 1989 Terror Bombing

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the government of Libya to pay $6 billion in damages in connection with a 1989 terror bombing of a French airliner over Western Africa.

Hang on a second. Hold the phone.

Not only were there terrorists in the 1980’s but they were bombing French airliners??!!

Bonus points to the first liberal college student or Paul-bot basement dweller who can figure out a way to tie those activities to George W. Bush and Jewish neocons.

Libya ended decades of international isolation in 2003 when it agreed to halt a weapons program and to pay compensation for the 1988 bombing of a U.S. airliner over Scotland, in which 270 people were killed.

Toppling Saddam and the Taliban alone would have justified the Bush Doctrine. But to have subdued Libya — without firing a shot — man, that’s a huge accomplishment too.

* * *
Here’s a link to a report by Reuters. If you read that report, keep in mind the author got very sloppy when it came to explaining how the judge arrived at that $6 billion figure. Here’s a link to the actual decision — which among other things sets forth the damages calculations in great detail.

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