Under oath, Bloomberg won't say if he'll run

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly denied he’s considering an independent run for President this year, BUT when asked the question directly, under oath in a lawsuit over his tactics (of questionable legality) in an anti-gun campaign, he refused to answer at all. Edith Honan reports for Reuters:

It’s the question Michael Bloomberg has been answering, or not, for months: are you running for U.S. president? Under oath, the New York mayor refused to respond.

Bloomberg’s non-answer in testimony released on Monday may further fuel speculation about his White House ambitions.

The mayor recently denied that he intends to run in the November election, and his refusal to comment this time followed the advice of his lawyer in a lawsuit against him for cracking down on illegal gun sales.

Bloomberg was asked: “Are you intending to run for president today as we sit here?” while giving testimony on Thursday. His lawyer, Kenneth Taber, told him not to answer.

Read the whole story at the link above. We shouldn’t read too much into his refusal, since it was under instruction of his attorney, who may have just been seeking to limit the scope of testimony.

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