Nuts Will Out

Sometimes it takes a little time, but eventually the sheer craziness of some people shows through. And we’re seeing that, here in New Hampshire, with the Ron Paul psychos.

In Sutton, New Hampshire, the Town Clerk is charged with reporting the vote totals to the state. And in last week’s presidential primary, there was a clerical error. The tallies omitted the votes for Ron Paul. And the clerk one Ms. Jennifer Call, instead of questioning the blank spot, initially reported that the Savior Of America got no votes.

She discovered her mistake the next day, when one voter called up and said they had voted for Paul, so the zero number was a mistake. She was horrified, and double-checked her numbers. The found the error, and promptly told the state that The Only True Republican had, indeed, garnered 31 votes.

For making that mistake, and correcting it as soon as she discovered, Ms. Call has been subjected to dozens of phone calls, dozens of e-mails, and accusations of treason, death threats, and accusations of destroying American democracy.

Here’s a message for the Ron Paul psychos out there, from one proud New Hampshirite:

Fuck you.

If that doesn’t properly convey my outrage and my hostility and my fury, let me elaborate:

Fuck you with a rusty chainsaw, you paranoid, psychotic assholes.

One woman made a mistake, and omitted 31 votes out of 920 total votes. She omitted 31 votes out of the over 18,000 votes your hero won. And the instant she found out about it, she fixed it.

She made a very understandable error, and you’re going absolutely apeshit bonkers over it. You’re making her life a living hell, forcing her to change her phone number and live in fear for her life. (No exaggeration; at least one person said she ought to be shot.)

The town clerk in Sutton, New Hampshire. A town so small, I can’t readily place its location — and I’ve lived in this state for my entire life.

Oh, yeah, it’s just about 30 miles from here, and maybe 1,500 people. JUST the kind of place I’d think of to kick off a Grand Conspiracy To Destroy The Only Man Who Can Save America.

Hey, Paulians, go back to finding new ways to rationalize the white-supremacist Ron Paul Newsletters sent out under his signature that he never read and sue big media for treating your guy like the lunatic he is. Just leave our town clerks alone.

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