Immigration Enforcement Update — FY 2007

Well, the numbers are in.

Here’s what the Bush administration did in 2006-2007 re: immigration enforcement:

— Deported 276,912 illegal aliens. That’s a record for a single fiscal year.

— Initiated 1,309 immigration document and benefit fraud investigations, leading to 1,531 document-related arrests and 1,178 convictions.

— Made 4,077 administrative arrests and 863 criminal arrests in connection with worksite immigration enforcement. Secured civil fines and judgments in excess of $30 million against employers that violated immigration laws.

— Arrested 1,558 visa status violators.

— Began screening for criminal aliens among existing inmate populations at all 114 federal prisons. Initiated deportation proceedings against 164,296 incarcerated aliens.

Those are last year’s highlights. Here’s a link to the full report. As they say, read the whole thing.

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