Feds File Lawsuit to Build Stretch of the Southern Border Fence

The federal government on Monday filed an eminent domain lawsuit to gain access to land owned by a Texas city for purposes of additional construction of the U.S.-Mexico border fence.

The lawsuit against Eagle Pass, Texas, is the first of scores of fence-related condemnation suits expected to be filed by the Bush administration.

The Homeland Security Department wants to complete 370 miles of physical fencing by the end of 2008. A 2006 law signed by President Bush prescribed a grand total of 700 miles.

Last month the Homeland Security Department warned landowners in Texas, California and New Mexico that it would sue if not given access to property on which to build the fence. Some have granted access, but many have ignored the warning.

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Here’s a link to an AP article that provides much of the source material for this entry.

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Is there a better “public use” for the invocation of the government’s eminent domain powers than a fence along the Southern border?

I think not.

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