Nope, No Bias Here…

If there was ever any doubt about the Boston Globe’s position on illegal aliens, this weekend should put the nail in that coffin.

First up, on Saturday, the Glob published an article that took a statistical look at deportations of illegal aliens. It seems that more and more who have no criminal record are getting the boot, and that has a lot of the Glob’s favorite “advocates” deeply troubled.

The spin here is subtle: we’re deporting people who aren’t breaking any laws.

Of course, this overlooks the fact that, by definition, an illegal alien is breaking the law by their very presence. Either they crossed the border illegally, or they overstayed their visa.

It doesn’t help the Glob’s little fiction when they cite an example of a bunch of illegal aliens rounded up while working at New Bedford leather-goods factory. It somehow slipped past the Glob’s notice that the workers in question had no legal right to work in this country, and most likely committed identity theft and Social Security fraud to get their jobs.

I don’t know how it slipped past them, though. They do mention that the company’s president and two managers are facing federal charges over the incident. If the bosses are facing criminal charges for hiring the workers, then it seems fairly obvious that the workers also broke laws in taking the jobs.

And then on Sunday, the Glob published an op-ed column (cautiously) praising Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for his stance on granting illegal aliens in-state tuition at state colleges without bothering to go through the legislature.

It provides a fascinating glimpse into the Glob’s mindset. When a politician takes up an unpopular position, the interpretation of that action depends on how the paper feels about it. If they disapprove, then the politician is “ignoring the counsel of their advisors” and “defying the will of the people.” But when, in this case, they back the move, then it’s “courageous” and “principled.”

I have to wonder if the Glob’s position on illegal aliens has any connection with the immigration status of many of their delivery people. I also think it’d be enormously entertaining to send an investigative team (much like the one the Glob sent to stake out Mitt Romney’s lawn) to check the status of the Glob’s “independent contractors” who distribute their paper, and deliver it to the homes of their ever-dwindling subscribers.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

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