Financial Advisers' Biggest Concern: A Democrat in the White House

A Brinker Capital poll of 236 financial advisers shows that their biggest worry about the economy and investment is not a terrorist attack or global unrest but a Democrat in the White House. From Investment News:

The fourth-quarter edition of the Brinker Barometer, which polled 236 advisers in December, found that 22% indicated that a “Democrat in the White House” worried them more than all other economic or geopolitical concerns.

Rounding out the list of concerns was “global unrest” (15%), “U.S. economic growth” (15%), “a terrorist attack” (13%) and “a recession” (13%).

When asked what their greatest tax concern would be under a Democratic administration, 81% of advisers cited a potential increase in the capital gains tax, an income tax increase and heavier taxes on dividends.

“[Departing from] the Bush administration’s approach to taxation will have a large impact on advisers and their clients,” said John E. Coyne, president of Berwyn, Pa.-based Brinker Capital, which manages $9.4 billion in assets. “When taxes begin to erode returns, equities remain less attractive.”

The results jibe with a poll that Brinker conducted last summer in which 60% of advisers said that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., would be the worst choice in terms of the economy and investing.

The Democrats are probably glad that the financial advisers are afraid of them. As far as Hillary, Edwards, and Barack are concerned, those who make money from stocks are the very people they want to soak on “behalf” of the middle class and in the name of “fairness.”

Hat tip: Freepers

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