Oy, Canada: The Levant Inquisition

OK, it should be flamingly obvious that Ezra Levant’s hearing before the Canadian Human Rights Commission for having the audacity to exercise his right to free speech and free press to publish the infamous Mohammed Cartoons are going to be a high point in the struggle for freedom against Islamofascism and the nanny state. Mr. Levant is posting videos of the hearing on his YouTube channel, and we here at Wizbang think that the events shown there are so damned important, we’re going to post the embedded YouTube videos here.

We also encourage anyone with the ability to do so to download and save the videos, as YouTube has a remarkable history of removing videos that show Islam in a bad way (also known as “speaking truth to psychos”).

As of the initial writing, Mr. Levant has posted six excerpts. His opening statement is below, and the remainder of the videos will be added to the extended section of this posting as they become available.

Opening Statement:

Update: Part Seven added.

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