Feds Unveil New Rules For Driver's Licenses

Here’s an edited excerpt from the official press release by DHS:

‘Americans understand today that the 9/11 hijackers obtained 30 drivers licenses and ID’s, and used 364 aliases. For an extra $8 per license, REAL ID will give law enforcement and security officials a powerful advantage [over terrorists regarding] falsified documents, and it will bring some peace of mind to citizens wanting to protect their identity from theft by a criminal or illegal alien,’ said DHS Secretary and former federal appeals court judge Michael Chertoff.

Read the whole thing.

Obviously the Ron Paul-style nuts and other paranoid types will look at that news release and will begin twitching, foaming at the mouth and retreating to their basement bunkers, waiting for the men in black to take them away, kicking and screaming.

But, still, we conservatives out here in Reality Land want more immigration enforcement and more anti-terrorism efforts, don’t we?

REAL ID ain’t perfect. Far from it. Not even close.

But it’s much better than the status quo. Much better than the lazze-faire approach of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Much better, too, than anything the media/Democrats would have vomited up.

Incidentally, here’s an excerpt from the news report by the Associated Press:

The Homeland Security Department has spent years crafting the final regulations for the REAL ID Act, a law designed to make it harder for terrorists, illegal immigrants and con artists to get government-issued identification. The effort once envisioned to take effect in 2008 has been pushed back in the hopes of winning over skeptical state officials.

Even with more time, more federal help and technical advances, REAL ID still faces stiff opposition from civil liberties groups.

By “civil liberties groups,” the AP means the leftist ACLU.

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