Campaign Updates

In addition to the expected and minor news (but highly-publicized) that N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson dropped his campaign:

Large Nevada Union Backs Obama

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As they say, read the whole thing.

Speaking of which, a major issue in the media/Democrat contest — which for obvious reasons won’t be discussed by the media — is the ongoing and worsening split among organized labor factions.

The old unions — dying on the vine but still possessed of huge political muscle — support Hillary. The newer unions — lacking in political power but growing or at least maintaining their ranks — support Obama.

That inevitable clash will be interesting to watch. Like a train wreck.

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Romney decides to pull ads in S.C., Fla.

Not a good sign. The bell might be tolling for Mitt.

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Incumbent Dem House Members Begin Facing Primary Challenges from Anti-War Leftists

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As they say, read the whole thing.

I guess that was inevitable.

Ironic too.

Republicans have had to deal with fringe primary challengers for decades — which thereby allowed Democrats to win countless general elections they otherwise should and would have lost. Of course it’s too late to save the Congress — non-voting conservatives already threw that away — but if a virulent cabal of left-wing politicos actually begins raising money and running in earnest in large numbers it’ll seriously hurt the Democrats at large.

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