Abu Ghraib Officer Cleared of All Criminal Charges

Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan this week was cleared of all criminal charges regarding the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Jordan, 51, had been acquitted in August at his court-martial of charges he failed to supervise the 11 lower-ranking soldiers who were convicted for what was deemed to be abuse of Iraqi prisoners. But Jordan was convicted of disobeying an order not to talk about the investigation, with the military jury recommending a criminal reprimand, the lightest possible criminal punishment.

This week, however, Jordan’s lone conviction was thrown out by Maj. Gen. Richard J. Rowe, commanding officer of the Military District of Washington, D.C. Jordan will receive an administrative reprimand.

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Somewhere out there, as we speak, there’s a young liberal student who’s becoming very angry.

They’re twitching. They’re starting to foam at the mouth. They’re reflexively wanting to burn an American flag and to make paper mache figurines of Bush and Cheney wearing Nazi regalia.


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The entire Abu Ghraib kerfuffle was nothing more than a garden-variety case of stupid soldiers doing stupid things, but within the context of a deranged and virulent media that was hell bent on destroying the Bush presidency, and electing a Democrat in his stead, regardless of the costs.

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Here’s a link to the source material for this entry, an article by Ben Nuckols of the Associated Press. For obvious reasons Mr. Nuckols’ work is couched in very different terms.

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