Supreme Court Update

Since our last update the SCOTUS has done the following:

Court hears arguments for photo ID/voting dispute

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For those readers who are incredulous as to why the national and local Democrat Parties and liberal special interests groups so vehemently are opposed to something as innocuous as requiring photo IDs to vote, well, let’s put it this way:

If corpses, paid fraud operatives, liberal college students, and other miscreants could not vote multiple times for Democrats, in multiple precincts, there’d be a lot fewer Democrats holding public offices in this country.

Tammany Hall and the Barbary Coast might be dead, but their spirits live on.

In any event, the Indiana voting fraud/photo ID case presumably will be a 5-4 decision with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy casting the deciding vote. Time will tell.

* * *
Court imposes strict deadline for ‘inverse condemnation’ lawsuits against the feds

The Supreme Court on Tuesday by a 7-2 margin imposed a strict, jurisdictional six-year deadline to file suit against the federal government for de facto takings of private property without fair compensation.

The majority in that case was: Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Kennedy . . . Breyer and Souter.

P.S. – Here’s a link to a disjointed, uninformed and misleading article from the AP.

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