N.H. Final Tallies + Key Upcoming Dates

The final vote tallies in New Hampshire were:


McCain – 37%
Romney – 32%
Huckabee – 11%
Giuiani – 9%
Paul – 8%
Thompson – 1%
Hunter – 1%
Misc. – 1%


Clinton – 39%
Obama – 36%
Edwards – 17%
Richardson – 5%
Kucinich – 1%
Misc. – 2%

* * *

You’ll want to circle the following dates on your calendars:

Jan. 15th – (early) Michigan primaries.

— Romney needs a win more than Pelosi needs the fountain of youth.

Jan. 19th – Nevada Caucuses and South Carolina GOP primary.

— A Huckabee win in S.C. would provide momentum for the crucial contest in Florida. Plus it’ll be interesting to watch how the heavily-unionized Democrat caucus goers divvy up their support in the Silver State.

Jan. 26th – South Carolina MediaCrat primary.

— A key momentum builder for both candidates and a key test for Obama’s appeal below the Mason-Dixon line.

Jan. 29th – (early) Florida primaries.

Here’s where the rubber hits the road for the remaining GOP candidates. Where we cut to brass tacks. Where we separate the men from the boys. Where . . . oh, hell, you get the point.

For the media/Democrats this is sort of like a dinner date with Catherine Zeta-Jones, but where she’s encased in glass and you’re under armed surveillance. Florida is the most important electoral state in the country. But the DNC has stripped it of its nominating convention delegates and a federal court has upheld that decision.

Strange days indeed, huh?

Feb. 1 – Maine GOP caucus.

If Romney still is in the race at this point and doesn’t win this caucus he seriously needs to dig a hole and jump in.

Feb. 5 – Super Tuesday — 20 states, including CA, N.Y., Ill., N.J., GA, CO, MN, MO

After this election fest, we’ll either: (1) know the nominees for both parties, (2) know the nominee for one party and that the other is heading towards a contested (i.e., brokered) convention, or (3) know that *both* parties are heading towards brokered conventions.


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