Democrats Prepare For Battle

The newly resurgent Hillary defied the prognosticators last night, turning a race the pundits said was in danger of becoming an Obama landslide into a nail-bitter. Over at Wizbang Blue there’s a decided division among the authors on the candidates, just as their is at Wizbang on the Republican candidates.

Writing about Barak Obama as the anti-Hillary vote getter, Lee makes a good point about one of the “truths” about Hillary.

If the polls saying she would suffer a huge defeat in New Hampshire were wrong, then why aren’t the polls suggesting 45% of the electorate wouldn’t vote for her wrong as well?

That appears to be the question that will define the rest of the Democratic race; do they go with the known quantity and risk a dynasty fatigue backlash or embrace a fresh new face who is is untested on the big stage. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or neither, if you like campaign drama it’s sure to be interesting to watch.

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