". . . what a 'Comeback' looks like!"

Amid chants of “Mac is back!” and “John Mc Cain!” and “U-S-A!” John McCain spoke to supporters after winning the New Hampshire Republican Primary by an estimated 37% – 29% for Mitt Romney. McCain won among Republicans and independents by similar margins.

His speech sounded, at times, more like an Inaugural Address than a primary victory speech. McCain struck grander themes, professed his devotion to duty and country, and reached out with an olive branch to supporters of other candidates in both parties. If pundits had postulated previously that a victory would signal he had returned as frontrunner, McCain seemed determined to fill the part.

Both Romney and Huckabee had already delivered gracious concessions, but both also used the occasion to reach out to voters in states yet to come with a healthy dose of campaign stop. They both did a great job, yet McCain appeared statesmanlike. Presidential.

Alert readers will question the results as contradicting our man on the scene, who undoubtedly divined his projections from the careful study of the entrails of a Vermont-raised goat . . .

The Democratic race remains too close to call, but some exit poll analysts report their calculations show a narrow victory for Hillary Clinton, although within the poll’s supposedly tightened-up margin of error, so no one is calling it yet.

Never mind...
New Hampshire Analysis