Going Out On A Limb

I don’t normally make predictions. I don’t like to. But I’m going to make one tonight.

I haven’t caught much news today. I spent most of my day just walking around Manchester, soaking up the ambiance getting the “vibe” of the day. I saw a lot of people, a metric assload of signs, stickers, buttons, and all sorts of paraphernalia. I listened to a bit of local talk radio. And I heard a lot of people talking.

I’m going to say outright: Barack Obama will not only take New Hampshire, but he’s going to take it big. Iowa big, if not bigger. Double digits are not out of the question.

On the Republican side, I think it’ll be Romney, with McCain a very close second. McCain was counting on the independent votes, but they went en masse to Obama. My vote for Fred Thompson will get him maybe 4th, more likely 5th behind Giuliani and possibly Huckabee.

John Edwards will end up pulling a slightly higher percentage than Ron Paul.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll probably be eating these words. But for tonight, that’s my gut.

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