Hillary Still Pulling The Same Old Stunts

I guess Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned her lesson yet. She’s been caught planting questions and questioners at her campaign events numerous times, but she still keeps doing it.

The latest was caught by the Washington Times.

It appears that the Clinton campaign is bringing in reinforcements, to shore up the numbers at her campaign events. Charter buses of Massholes are being hauled in to put butts in seats, and student volunteers are being brought in to ask appropriately fawning questions.

Other campaigns are doing the same thing, but none as heinously as the Clintonistas.

In 1992, Bill Clinton spun his second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary into his being anointed “the comeback kid.” I find myself wondering if Hillary’s likely third-place finish will put the nail in the coffin of her presidential ambitions.

I can only hope so. Indeed, I’m almost tempted to vote for Obama or Edwards, just to drive her percentage down even further.

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