Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Here’s an interesting quote:

‘The abortion issue is huge. It is the Darfur of America.”

Whom do you suspect uttered those words?

a. Mike Huckabee.
b. Rick Santorum.
c. James Dobson.
d. Ralph Reed.

The answer is none of the above:

Berkeley Preacher Calls for Blacks to Fight Against Abortion,
says abortion is top cause of death for African Americans

Saying they are faced with a civil rights crisis that demands immediate attention, African American pro-life advocates will hold three events in the San Francisco Bay Area later this month in an aggressive push to combat the high number of abortions among black women.

‘The abortion issue is huge. It is the Darfur of America,’ said Walter Hoye, a Berkeley, California preacher who founded the Issues4Life Foundation, a recently formed San Francisco Bay Area-based organization determined to draft more African Americans into the pro-life movement and the corresponding fight against abortion.

Issues4Life has organized the events to coincide with the January 22 anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, Martin Luther King Day on January 18 and Black History Month in February. All three events will feature the niece of Martin Luther King, Alveda King.

— The people who will feel most threatened and vexed by those protests are wealthy, lily-white Bay Area liberal Democrats — utterly consumed by their self-loathing and racism.

— Those protests will not be deemed worthy of lead story/front page attention by the national liberal Democrat media. For reasons that should be far beyond obvious.

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