Sunday Afternoon Round up

If you’re bored with all the hashing over of last night’s debates on all the blogs, I found some light alternative reading for you.

  • Fun with John Edwards (Sattire) John Edward’s hair tips. (Via The Nose on Your Face)
  • Human Chain Human chain around Jerusalem the day before Bush is scheduled to visit. (Via One Jerusalem)
  • Still Defiant North Korea misses its deadline. (Via IBD Editorials)
  • A Hillary Tale Hillary Clinton’s gaffes on Pakistan’s elections expose one of the most persistent myths of the election sweepstakes: that the former first lady is “experienced” and ready to “hit the ground running” as president. (Via IBD Editorials)
  • Huckabee Southern fried James Pethokoukis wonders if Huckabee is a southern-fried Buchanan? It’s a little outdated, before the Iowa caucus, but makes some good observations. (Via US News)
  • Aiding and Abetting Let’s start giving out American secrets again. You know, help the enemy and all. (Via Memeorandum)
  • Banned?!?!?! An official WTF moment for British troops returning home from Afghanistan. (Via Jammie Wearing Fool)
  • You just can’t make ths stuff up Want some old fashioned black helicopter, conspiracy goofiness? Click the link.
    (Via Sistertoldjah)
  • He died defending our country and now we're going to deport his widow
    They're Out There...