Refugees Return to Iraq

Nearly 50,000 Iraqi refugees returned home from Syria in the final 3 1/2 months of 2007.

Hang on a second. Refugees are returning to Iraq??!!

Oh, right:

[A] new report [from relief workers] said the decrease in violence that followed the buildup of American troops over the past year had been a major factor in the return of refugees. ‘In Iraq, the security situation improved as a result of law enforcement,’ it said. ‘Consequently, a significant number of Externally Displaced families returned to Iraq starting mid September.’

Go figure.

Here’s an interesting question that should not be taken as Monday-morning quarterbacking (that’s not my intention; read all the way to the bottom of the post):

What do you suppose the situation in Iraq would look like today if the surge would have been authorized a year earlier?

Yeah, agreed. So, here’s the next set of questions:

What will the situation in Iraq look like in January 2009? How utterly ironic would it be if after all the rage and frothing and nitpicking and second-guessing — on the left and the right — Bush exits with his mission accomplished?

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