Reality Check

Al Qaeda uses women as suicide attackers in Iraq

The female suicide attacks come as U.S.-led coalition forces are increasingly catching terrorists suspected of training women to become human bombs or finding evidence of efforts by al-Qaeda in Iraq to recruit women for wide-scale suicide terrorist attacks.

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Islamic Terror Threats Cancel Dakkar Rally

The Dakar rally, the epic motorcycle, car and truck race across the Sahara desert, was canceled Friday by organizers citing ‘direct’ threats of terrorism from al-Qaida-linked terrorists.

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Islamic terror group claims killing of American in Sudan

A previously-unknown Islamic terrorist group on Friday claimed responsibility on a Jihadist Web site for the murder of a U.S. government aid officer in Sudan on January 1.

If those reports don’t provide for a little clarity of thought, well, never mind, I won’t waste my breath.

The surreal part?

We’ve reached a point in the deevolution of our political structures in which any direct or de facto vote for a Democrat for a federal office actually is a vote in favor of genocidal Islamic terrorists.

Harry Truman and FDR are rolling over in their graves.

Shooting Gallery
Supreme Court mulls death penalty for child rape