Here’s an interesting tale from the front lines of bigotry:

One juror, a white woman, was trying to convice the others that the murder victim had been bruised during a struggle, not during consensual sex with the defendant. Bruises like those, the juror reportedly said, can happen ‘when a big black guy beats up on a small [white] woman.’

Another juror, a black woman, took offense and accused her of racism. Things got so heated that the two women had to be separated.

That’s par for the course in Boston, Massachusetts.

All of which raises several interesting questions — especially for those readers old enough to remember the race riots in Boston in the 1970’s and the turmoil and court battles there in the 1980’s over public school integration:

i. When if ever will Boston’s lily-white, blue-blood Democrats cease and desist with their reflexive despising of and discriminating against black people?

ii. How much of an insult is it to present-day Alabamans to trot out Boston’s moniker of “the Birmingham of the North?”

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