Iowa — The Final Tallies


1. Huckabee – 34%
2. Romney – 25%
3. Thompson – 13%
4. McCain – 13%


1. Obama – 38%
2. Edwards – 30%
3. Clinton – 29%
4. Etc.

So, there you have it. (Link).

Clinton will go Medieval on Obama. I mean, seriously, what choice does she have now but to go uber-negative? It’s not as if she can stress her charming personality.

Edwards is done. He was the Gephardt of this election cycle — no Iowa, no chance.

If Romney does not win or at least come in a strong 2nd in N.H. he’ll start circling the drain.

If McCain comes in a strong 2nd in N.H. he’ll be a viable candidate. Go figure.

If Rudy doesn’t win or come in a strong 2nd in Florida his campaign will be worth a NYC subway token.

Thompson is toast.

Huckabee obviously will make it to the convention with a material number of delegates. South Carolina is a natural for him. He’ll run very strong in the large Southern states, e.g., Georgia and North Carolina. He’ll run strong in the Mid-West. He’ll be DOA, however, in the large Northeastern states and on the Pacific Coast.

We might be heading towards a contested GOP convention. The first since the halcyon days of Ike and Taft and {gulp} Earl Warren.

That would be interesting, no?

Some Thoughts on Iowa -- Big Wins for Huckabee and Obama