Hucking Your Cake And Eating It, Too

Well, congratulations to former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee for winning the Iowa caucuses. Next Tuesday, he’ll face the first primary, here in New Hampshire.

And I hope he does really well here.

In the last week or so, Huckabee has shown a remarkable tendency for wanting things both ways. He wanted credit for not running an attack ad against Mitt Romney, but also showed it to reporters. He went on Jay Leno’s show despite the picket lines from the Writer’s Guild, but said he thought Leno had ‘special permission” from the union. (No, that was Letterman, whose production company cut its own deal with the union. Leno (and Conan O’Brien) are going on despite the strike, and despite his own membership in the striking union — and the union is NOT happy about that.

If Huckabee wanted to make a point of crossing a union picket line, he’d have scored some points with the anti-union crowd. (And let’s face it — the pro-union people aren’t likely to vote for him anyway.) If he’d said he was doing it “for the greater good,” that would have been a principled stand, too. But he wants to call it an “oops.” He wants the benefits of doing the appearance, but not take the corresponding costs.

In that spirit, I’m going to call for my fellow New Hampshirites to do all they can to make sure Mike Huckabee gets as many votes as possible next Tuesday. I want every voter who can to take a Democratic ballot and write in Mike Huckabee’s name.

And those who will be voting in the Republican primary, make your mark for Huckabee proudly — then tell the ballot workers that you misunderstood the way the ballot works and ask for a new one, which you then mark for the candidate of your choice. (Mine’s going to be for Fred Thompson, and so should yours.)

In the end, all those Huckabee write-ins and discarded ballots will give Mike a warm feeling in his heart — but do absolutely nothing towards helping him in his hopefully-doomed quest for the White House.

The best of both worlds, indeed.

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