Excessive Crack down Florida Style

Another chapter in why I say the rules are different here in the Sunshine State.

The response was massive. Twenty sheriff’s deputies, two K-9 units and a helicopter.

Officer down?

No, pants down.

In August, 20-year-old Frantz Leger was banned from the Mall at Wellington Green after he showed up in baggy pants that mall officials determined were worn too low down on his butt. Last week, security officials were upset that Mr. Leger had returned to the mall. They notified the deputies, who prepared to arrest him for trespassing. Somehow, things escalated, and before the incident was over, Mr. Leger, his mother, his father, his sister and two cousins were under arrest.

And all it took was 20 deputies, two K-9 units and a helicopter. What? No mounted police? It was Wellington, after all.

No Jac VerSteeg, Columnist at the Palm Beach, this was Florida. Police harass people whose cars break down, run down pedestrians, drive the wrong way on the freeway causing two brothers to die and then get their police buddies to blame the victims, Commit DUI and are allowed to go home rather than be arrested and I can go on. Their motto- We don’t want to deal with real criminals. Maybe because some of the biggest lawbreakers down here are in law enforcement.

I don’t defend Mr. Leger, but the Wellington police actions the other day are just another sign of how law enforcement in Florida is one big screwup.

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