Two Americas

‘[San Francisco] will [become] economically less diverse and to some extent less racially and ethnically diverse,’ says Richard DeLeon, emeritus professor at San Francisco State University.

DeLeon notes the sharp decline in San Francisco’s African American population, which over the past 30 years has dropped from 16 percent of the city’s residents to 6 percent.

DeLeon also said San Francisco may lose much of its Latino population, driven out by high home prices. It could become a city without a middle class.

The demographic changes in San Francisco are driven by economics and politics, says DeLeon: ‘The issue is who gets to live in San Francisco and who can afford to live in San Francisco.’


All of which raises two important questions:

i. Why do liberal policies destroy the middle classes?

ii. Why do liberals and liberal policies discriminate with such ferocity against racial minorities?

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