Shouting "Porn" In A Crowded Theatre

The United States Supreme Court has had quite a time dealing with obsenity. One Justice defined it as “I know it when I see it.” They also used the “community standards” and “patently offensive” and “utterly without redeeming social value” tests.

I, like most heterosexual men, have a bit of fondness for salacious materials. (This may shock some.) I also have a very high tolerance for that stuff — I may not care for it, but I almost never decry it as long as it involves consenting adults.

Note I said “almost.”

I’ve objected to one particular type of smut before, and now I see another example of this pernicious, exploitive, obscene form of expression.

For god’s sake, people, we need to stamp this sort of thing out, and soon, before it utterly shreds the very fabric of our society and destroys all we hold dear.

Join me in obliterating this terrible threat to all humanity — especially us straight men.

(Note: the link is very, VERY NSFW — Not Safe For Women. Any woman who sees it could be utterly RUINED FOREVER. And men? No one has ever died from the sudden destruction of every molecule of testosterone in their body, but 1) why take the chance? and B) would life really be worth living afterwards?)

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