Crystal Ball Time

For the third straight year, I’ll try predicting the future.

For 2008 I see

1- John McCain wins the Republican nomination
2- Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination
3- Clinton is elected President
4- Democrats gain more seats in both the House and Senate
5- One-term congressman(Florida 16th, formerly held by Mark Foley) Tim Mahoney loses his re-election bid.
6- Florida Congressmen Ron Klein(D) and Vern Buchanan(R) retain their seats.
7- Tiger Woods wins another major on the way to being player of the year again.
8- Florida Governor Charlie Crist won’t be selected as someone’s running mate.
9- At least two bloggers I know call it quits either for personal or health reasons.
10- The Palm Beach Post wins at least 4 Knucklehead awards.
11- Annika Sorenstam wins again on the LPGA Tour but isn’t 2008 player of the year.
12- Pat Riley quits as coach of The Miami Heat.
13- Fidel Castro dies
14- The Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins both have losing records
15- The Florida Panthers win the NHL’s Southeast Division
16- The Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup
17- San Antonio is the NBA Champs.
18- Columnist Mark Steyn annoys me at least twice in the year with something he writes.
19- A golfer born in South Korea or of Korean heritage won’t be LPGA Rookie of the year.
20- Ai Miyazato wins her first LPGA event.
21- Michelle Wie returns to her pre-2007 form, doesn’t win a event in 2008, but announces her intention to play pro golf full-time in 2009.
22- I break two glasses.
23- The US suffers its biggest air disaster since 2001.
24- Cam Cameron isn’t back as Miami Dolphin football coach in 2008
25- Detroit Tigers win the World Series
26- Indianapolis Colts repeat as Super Bowl Champs.
27- A Wizbang commenter gets annoyed at my predictions or calls them dumb or says who cares about golf.
28- There is a surprise vacancy on the US Supreme Court
29- Dr. William Gray’s hurricane predictions are way off again, and the media begins slowly catching on to the fact of where this ‘scientist’ gets his funding.
30- North Korea again stonewalls when it comes to disclosing its nuclear program.
31- The return of my cancer that happened in 2007 after 13 years of remission, forces me to give up blogging. For I’ll be spending the first few days of 2008 in a hospital. That’s where I am now.
32- The Dow Jones finishes under 13,000 at the end of 2008.
33- Gas prices are 3.50 or higher for regular gas at year end. I sound cheerful don’t I?
34- More than half the above predictions are wrong.

Happy New Year everyone.

Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
Bastard Drives Drunk, Kills Five