Ron Paul Has Not Been Excluded from Fox News Debate

Yesterday, I posted about an email I received from a Ron Paul supporter saying that Fox News excluded Paul from its pre New Hampshire primary debate. I also linked to a Yahoo report that said the same thing. Amazing the difference a day makes. Today we learn that the story is untrue.

One of the hazards of instant mass communication is that incorrect stories can get distributed immediately. A particular hazard during holiday vacations.

There is NO NH DEBATE on January 6th. Ron Paul was NOT EXCLUDED. That event was canceled three weeks ago.

Ron WILL participate in the January 5th ABC/WMUR GOP debate in New Hampshire.

As LGF notes, however, this little tidbit of information isn’t enough to stop the Paulbots from trying to punish Fox News anyway.

Reason #39 I'm glad not to be a frequent flyer anymore