Chesler: Bhutto Assassination a Political and Cultural Honor Killing

Instapundit links to this column by Phyllis Chesler who surmises that Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was a political and cultural honor killing. She also makes a compelling argument that Bhutto’s death is another reason why the US must not ignore the Middle East as isolationists say we should but continue to fight Islamic terrorism:

In a sense, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is a political and cultural version of an honor killing. Bhutto was the first woman Prime Minister of a Muslim nation and she symbolized an unacceptably Western form of female ambition and achievement. She had attended Harvard/Radcliffe and Oxford. She spoke English–perhaps more fluently than she spoke her native Sindi or Urdu. She once dressed as Western women do. Indeed, many Muslim women from wealthy families, including educators and feminists, have done so for a long time. They cannot do so now.

I am suggesting that, as a member of the Ummah (or larger Muslim collectivity), Islamist fanatics decided that Bhutto was unacceptably and publicly too-Western, and they sentenced her to death for this sin.

Pakistan is known for its many bloody honor murders and other atrocities…

Bhutto was one of the “moderate” Muslims for whom the West yearns. Muslim fanatics murdered her in cold blood and they did so in an exquisitely planned and choreographed way. Their willingness to die in order to kill, terrorize, and impose their ideology upon others is precisely what keeps other “moderate” Muslims silent.

How far are the representatives of freedom, modernity, and human rights willing to go to end such terrorism? If we are not ready to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to free humanity from the plague of fundamentalist Islam, then we must be prepared to convert, veil, submit–or die.

Yesterday, I discussed why Ron Paul’s isolationist foreign policy is a scary proposition for the US. He thinks ignoring what’s going on in the Middle East is a better and safer foreign policy strategy. The assassination of Bhutto proves that he’s dangerously too naive to be elected president.

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