Dennis Kucinich's Supporters Vow to Boycott Pizza Hut

Kucinich’s supporters are upset at a Pizza Hut ad that makes him look kooky (as if that’s hard to do) and are threatening to boycott the pizza chain:

Operators of several Web sites that admire the Cleveland congressman are urging readers to complain to Pizza Hut.

“I am going to encourage all Kucinich supporters to boycott your restaurant until you change your ‘debate’ advertising,” wrote the operator of the Web site Dandelionsalad. “That was a low blow to a viable, electable presidential candidate. … I also think Pizza Hut should publicly apologize to the Congressman!”

A viable, electable presidential candidate? Oh, please. Pizza Hut’s business won’t be affected in the slightest. Besides, it’s kinda funny.

For God’s sake, if Kucinich didn’t want to be made fun of, then he shouldn’t have announced to the whole world in a presidential debate that he saw UFO’s. Besides, what are these folks complaining about, anyway. Kucinich is getting a lot more TV face time in this ad than he would have gotten otherwise.

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