Bin Laden Warns Iraq's Sunnis Not to Join Unity Government

Osama Bin Laden’s newest message has been released and all we know so far is what’s being reported from Sky News:

Osama bin Laden has released a new message aimed at Iraq’s Sunni Arabs, warning them against joining tribal councils fighting al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is getting its butt kicked because Sunnis are lining up with US forces to defeat the terrorist organization. Now Bin Laden is warning Sunnis not to join Iraq’s unity government in an effort to scare them into retreating. Perhaps Bin Laden should have thought about this before he sent al Qaeda into Iraq to blow up Iraqis.

I’ll post more as soon as I have it.

Update: The Associated Press has more:

He denounced Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, the leader of the Anbar Awakening Council, a tribal force fighting al-Qaida in western Iraq, who was killed in a bombing in September.

Bin Laden said U.S. and Iraqi officials are seeking to set up a “national unity government” joining the country’s Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

“Our duty is to foil these dangerous schemes, which try to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq, which would be a wall of resistance against American schemes to divide Iraq,” he said.

That doesn’t make any sense. A unity government comprising of Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds is an American scheme to divide Iraq? It looks like Bin Laden’s been holed up in his cave for so long that his brain is atrophying. If he’s still alive that is. If not, then I’d say his brain has definitely atrophied.

Hat tip for AP link: Lucianne.

Update: You can download the video from Laura Mansfield’s site here.

Update II: John McCain issued a statement in response to Bin Laden’s newest attempt to make himself relevant:

ARLINGTON, VA U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement regarding the release of a new audio tape from Osama bin Laden:

“Osama bin Laden’s latest propaganda message and the assassination of Benazir Bhutto are stark reminders that we are engaged in a worldwide conflict with Islamist extremism, and we cannot relent or waver. We must reassert our determination to prevail in this struggle in which we confront the enemy to all of the values that free peoples cherish. We cannot succumb to the false and dangerous notion that we can retreat or waver on one major front in this war and not embolden our enemies elsewhere. Rather, we must stay on offense against al Qaeda and continue to support the forces of moderation in their life and death battle against the forces of evil and extremism.”

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