They certainly run now

A Sun-Sentinel article yesterday detailed how one South Florida hospital has seen many multiple births of late. The story of one new family is particularly interesting.

(Ashley) Patterson, a 20-year-old flight attendant from Coral Springs, hasn’t quite gotten over the shock of giving birth to three identical girls: Zayda, Micha and Adrian. Visiting her newborns Thursday, Patterson proudly rocked the hospital’s fourth set of triplets this year, calling them her “miracle.”

“A year ago they told us she wouldn’t be able to have babies because of something in her ovaries,” said Patterson’s mother, Suzanne Patterson. “It was just a blessing.”

Multiple babies don’t run in the Patterson family, which is why Ashley is so surprised. She came close to having two miscarriages during her first trimester, too.

I agree with Suzanne Patterson, Zayda, Micha and Adrian are blessings times three.

Multiples run in the Patterson family now. They will be running even more in a year or two. God bless mother and daughters.

The article makes no mention of the girl’s father. I certainly hope he is around. Ashley will need all the help she can get.

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