Weekend Round up

Ed Morissey at Captain’s Quarters has declared this Christmas Campaign ad the one that tops them all because it reminds us that we have other Americans than Presidential candidates to keep in our thoughts on this holiday.
(Via CQ)

  • Jeri Thompson John Hawkins interviews Jeri Thompson (Via Right Wing News)
  • Rule Number 1 One of the top rules of running for president should be know when to shut up. Instead of when in a hole, take out shovel and dig deeper. (Via: Weekly Standard)
  • Rule Number 2 The second rule should be one shouldn’t pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh. You won’t win. (Via National Review)
  • Rule Number 3 If you pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh, don’t ask him to call you so you can apologize. You know, Rush isn’t all that hard to get hold of on your own. Why should he make the first move? And why make such a suggestion on the week that all the talk show hosts are on vacation? (Via Politico)
  • Omnibus Veto? Bush can veto the omnibus bill. Let’s hope he does. (Via Memeorandum)
  • Another Fred Endorsement Beldarblog explains why he thinks Fred is the man and endorses him. (Via Beldar Blogs)
  • Party PooperRomney takes aim at retailers who sell violent video games. Last I checked selling violent video games wasn’t illegal. They have ratings on them. If parents are upset by them then they should try actually being adult enough to tell their child “No you can’t have that game it’s too violent.” (Via LGF)
  • She’s baaack Cynthia McKinney announces she’s running for President under the Green Party. File this under the You’ve got to be kidding me! file. (Via Polipundit)
  • Crying Wolf Climate Change: A Senate minority report lists 400 reputable scientists who think the only melting ice we should really fear was in the cocktail glasses of attendees at the recent global warming conference in Bali. (Via IBD)
  • What were they thinking? More on the energy bill. Energy Policy: First, Congress comes up with legislation that has no provisions for developing new sources of domestic energy. Then, the House passes a bill that cuts off a potential oil bonanza. I believe this is what is meant by cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. (Via IBD)
  • You really are a mean one Mr. Grinch The Grinch really did steal Christmas. Don’t worry. They were found. (Via CNN)
  • Lotsa love to go around. Not. Baltimore Sun says vote “NO” on Romney. (Via Lucianne)
  • If, after viewing Fred’s Christmas ad, you feel like spreading a little love and cheer to some soldiers who don’t hear from home, go here Soldiers Angels and adopt a soldier. Visit their store to send a care package to any soldier or the one you’ve adopted, heck, why not both? Shipping is included in the price and you can include a message. Make a soldier’s day.

    BTW: Just two more shopping days til Christmas. Just TWO!

    Mars could be hit by asteroid next month
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