Quote of the Day

Maybe Markos Moulitsas and the Kwazy Kos Kids aren’t as influential as they think.

We’ve bitched and moan and pleaded and begged and threatened and cried — and none of that mattered.

We really can’t hold up money, since quite frankly we don’t have that much, and the lobbyists will always have more.

Votes? We’re an important part of the party’s ground game, but the most entrenched of our ineffective Democrats have been in office 250 years and in safe districts, and have little to fear from you and me staying home, too disillusioned to participate.
He then goes on to explain that the way to get their candidates in is by winning at the primaries. No, really?! I don’t think anyone would have guessed that. Insert eye-rolling now.

But hey, Kos, here’s a thought. Maybe there’s this gap between what far left loons like DailyKos, the DU, MoveOn.org and so on and so forth advocate and what mainstream Americans want. In fact, I’d venture a guess that it’s a pretty sizeable gap. The Democratic Party does not need to get any more to the Left, unless of course you’re trying to bring about the total destruction of the United States. So let’s celebrate the fact that apparently (according to you anyways) regular, every day Democrats aren’t drinking the DailyKos Kool-Aid.

And please, keep up the pity parties. It’s rather entertaining.

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