Progress for New Orleans

N.O. City Council Moves Towards Redevelopment of Housing Blocs

The New Orleans City Council on Thursday unanimously voted to raze public housing projects in blighted areas that were heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina and remain largely vacant today. The vote crossed racial lines, with the four white council members and the three black council members all in agreement.

Obviously the far left will unleash its litigation machine. But it’s unlikely that will get them very far. The courts in Louisiana — at the state appellate level and at both levels of the federal system — are pretty darn conservative, i.e., rational and reasonable.

So, this truly can be viewed as an important step for the Crescent City. If done correctly, hell, even if done half-assed, the redevelopment of blighted neighborhoods can have long-lasting, positive ripple effects. Just ask any New Yorker who’s old enough to remember the train wreck of the 1970’s.

BTW, as everyone reading this presumably knows there was the inevitable protest on Thursday — sometimes violent — by leftists, students, paid protesters, university professors, riff raff and assorted nuts and flakes. But that’s okay. In some respects it’s welcome. Because if the lunatic fringes are not frothing at the mouth about a major policy decision that often means it’s not worth doing. Besides you know that old saying, don’t you? We can make the trains run on time but there will be blood on the tracks.

P.S. — Here’s a link to a preposterously biased and agenda-driven article on this subject by the liberal Associated Press.

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