Hit the Road, Jack

That song was stuck in my head after I observed this news item:

Judge upholds denial of entry for Islamic professor with terror ties

A U.S. district judge on Thursday upheld a decision to refuse entry to a Muslim professor, saying the denial of visas was not a proper subject for the courts.

The State Department revoked the visa of Tariq Ramadan, a professor at Oxford University, on grounds he made donations to a group that in 2003 had been designated a terrorist organization for its support of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. The GOP-sponsored Patriot Act denies entry to those who endorse terrorism.

In October the leftist ACLU filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the State Department and thereby to allow Ramadan to enter the country.

But Judge Paul Crotty sided with government lawyers who argued courts do not have the power to review visa denials.

‘The government has provided a facially legitimate and bona fide reason for Professor Ramadan’s exclusion,’ said Crotty, adding: ‘The question of admissibility of aliens is a political question, a question which is best left to the legislative and executive branches.’

Interesting case, huh? Obviously the correct decision too.

Here’s a link to the version of events as espoused by the leftist Reuters wire service. For obvious reasons they couched this matter in quite different terms than yours truly.

P.S. — That judge was nominated — yeah, you guessed it — by George W. Bush.

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