Gitmo: The Sequel

Judge orders military tribunal for bin Laden’s driver

A U.S. military judge has ruled that Osama bin Laden’s driver is not a POW under the Geneva Convention and thus can be subjected to a military trial before a war crimes tribunal at the terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The judge ruled Yemeni prisoner Salim Ahmed Hamdan is an ‘unlawful enemy combatant’ under a law passed in 2006 by the GOP Congress, which provides for military as opposed to civilian trials of foreign terrorist suspects.

The tribunal in Guantanamo has yet to complete a full trial, as various anti-American leftist groups, including the ACLU and Amnesty International, have filed multiple legal challenges to delay or to prevent prosecutions of detainees.

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There’s more:

Saudi at Guantanamo charged in ship attack plot

Prosecutors for the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals on Thursday charged a Saudi Arabian prisoner with plotting with al Qaeda to blow up a ship off the coast of Yemen or in the Straight of Hormuz.

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Here’s a link to Reuters’ version of the bin Laden driver story; here’s a link to its version of the ship attack story.

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