Tancredo Drops Out, Endorses Romney

The fact that Tom Tancredo dropped out is not a surprise; that he endorsed Romney is. Fred Thompson seemed like a better fit for Tancredo’s anti illegal immigration position. The Politico reports, however, that Tancredo really wanted to prevent Huckabee, who is more illegal immigration friendly than many like, from getting the nomination, so Romney is the best chance in doing that.

While noting that he doesn’t completely share Romney’s views, Tancredo said, “the reality is this: He is the best hope for our cause.”

He also made plain that he was moved to get out of the contest because he feared the rise of Mike Huckabee, who has taken a less hard-line approach to immigration in the past.

“It was important in making this decision — you bet your life it was,” Tancredo said, speaking to a group of reporters and supporters at a press conference.

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