Man with police badge refuses to exit hot tub

Another wild and wacky story from Florida.

An intoxicated man was arrested after he allegedly impersonated a deputy sheriff at a Lake County resort and fled into a hot tub when the real cops arrived, authorities said. Sean N. Snyder, 25, of Clermont, was harassing patrons Tuesday night at the Summer Bay Resort near Clermont and flashing a Worcester County, Mass. police badge, Lake County Deputy Sheriff Timothy O’Brien said in an arrest affidavit. A security officer chased Snyder into the resort’s lake area, where the suspect jumped into the water and swam around the dock. He then entered a hot tub and said he would not get out until he finished his drink. Snyder eventually gave up

The article makes no mention of what drink Snyder wanted to finish. My nominee is a mind eraser. What’s yours?

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