Hillary Thinks This is a Positive Ad?

Hillary Clinton released her Christmas ad yesterday. I know her campaign thinks it’s a positive ad, but its message is really frightening. Take a look.

Update: Dan Riehl doesn’t like her ad either. Just what we need, Hillary playing Santa Claus with our taxes:

I can’t get over this. So, she’s going to take your tax dollars and give them back to you,or, more likely, someone or something else,and that’s giving??? Only if you have a huge government mindset. Maybe it’s my Hillary bias, but this doesn’t work for me at all. It ticks me off. How presumptuous. Clue Hillary – without the taxpayers, you don’t have anything to give. Why should we feel grateful for getting some back from you? It’s NOT yours, to give, or anything else. What a sense of entitlement this woman brings to government. Geesh!


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