Early Morning Double Round up

Here’s a little something to read with your morning (insert beverage of choice).

  • Denial is a river Harry Reid still in denial. Poor guy. There’s therapy for that. (Via CQ)
  • What goodwill tour? Bush 41 says he has no idea what Bill Clinton is talking about. (Via Lucianne)
  • Something for tht kid who has everything Here’s a great stocking stuffer idea It’s on sale in Britain. Get your copy now. /sarcasm (Via Sweetness and Light)
  • Here Nessie Nessie Nessie! Well, that’s a new one. Alleged terrorist hunting for the Loch Ness monster. New recruits are so very hard to find. (Via LGF)
  • Double tier fence now single Fence budget cut, but gives $10m emergency funding to illegal immigrants’ defense lawyers. (Via Michelle Malkin)
  • Fred Alert Fred Thompson makig a major move in Iowa. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch. (Via Town Hall)
  • Our Hero Navy saves girl whose appendix ruptured while she was on a cruise. That’s our guys! (Via The Conservative Voice)
  • Target Destroyed Japan shoots down a simulated North Korean missile. (Via IBD)
  • Fred Alert Take 2 Congressman Steve King Endorses Fred Thompson. (Via Fred08)
  • You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch! Harry Reid plans to keep congress in session over the holidays to keep President Bush from making recess appointments. (Via Lucianne)
  • We support our troops. Not. Congressman Jim Moran tells Congress “Sure, there’s less violence, but that’s because we’ve ethnically cleansed most of Baghdad.” during the funding debate. (Via CQ and The Corner)
  • And they give in again More funds for the troops on its way. (Via Sister Toldjah)
  • Incandescent Light Bulb Banned Among some of the things in the ‘energy bill’ passed by Congress today. Oddly enough there wasn’t much about actual energy. (Via Newsbusters)
  • Man with police badge refuses to exit hot tub
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