Divine Madness

I’ve said repeatedly that I’m an agnostic. I’m not an athiest, though — I don’t deny the possibility of a supreme being, just that I haven’t been convinced. And I’m certainly not one of those anti-theists, the nuts like that whackjob in California (I think his name is “New”) who’s trying to strip every hint of religion out of our government and our nation.

I’m fairly comfortable in the middle. There are enough nuts on both sides to encourage me to keep my distance. For every Michael New, there’s the Westboro Baptist assholes. So I just stay in the middle, apart from the fray.

What annoys me most is that there really isn’t any grounds for a lot of it. It’s a sad thing when the most rational, most thoughtful commentary on the matter comes from Cracked Magazine (the poor man’s Mad), in an article titled “10 Things Christians And Athiests Can (And Must) Agree On.” (I’d toss in the Jews as well, but they — like me — have been avoiding the fight.)

Hell, I’d like to see Muslims sign on to that list, too. But that isn’t going to happen.

Islam, especially in its more virulent forms, is just too damned aggressive. Here’s the latest example, merely one of thousands: a college converted a racquetball court into a “meditation room” where students of all faiths — or none — could go for quiet contemplation and communion with the higher power of their choice. The campus Muslims discovered it, and converted it — step by step — into a mosque. Now all students who enter are “asked” to remove their shoes, segregate by sexes, not “interfere” with set Muslim prayer times, and Muslim literature (there’s a nice oxymoron) preaches the superiority of Islam over other faiths — specifically running down Judaism.

The institution in question is Normandale Community College in Indiana, and the administration of this state school is frantically doing all it can to notice this huge, grotesque, flagrant violation of the “separation of church and state” on its own campus, and the intimidation being practiced by its Muslim students against its kaffir students.

It’s stories like this (and they are legion) that make me look at articles by Muslims such as this one and nod in agreement with the author. “If Muslims Are So Terrible, Why The Need To Make Up So Many Lies?” she asks, and she’s right.

We don’t need to make up lies about Muslims. All we need is tell the truth.

We should let Harry Truman be our gide. When he was told about the Republicans “Give ’em hell, Harry!,” he replied “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”

Don’t make up stuff. Don’t spread rumors. Don’t pass along wild stories. Just tell the plain and simple truth about the deeds and words of Muslims, and let them speak for themselves.

No, not all Muslims are terrorists. And not all terrorists are Muslims. But the indisputable fact is that the vast majority of terorist attacks are planned and carried out by people shouting “Allahu Ackbar!”

Let’s also remember that the greatest innovations developed by Muslims in the last century or so has been in the field of inhumane slaughter. Palestinian suicide bombers started packing their bombs with nails and screws for added shrapnel, and rat poison to prevent victims’ blood from coagulating and increasing the chances they will bleed to death. In Pakistan, Islamic fanatics tried to kill Benazir Bhutto with a bomb strapped to a kidnapped infant. It was Islamic fanatics that first used airliners as terrorist weapons. The greatest technological development out of the Palestinian territories is the Qassam rocket, an unguided missile packed with explosives that they fire into Israel almost daily in hopes of killing Jews.

They even tacitly admit that they can’t develop their own resources. The weapon of choice for terrorists is th AK-47 and its variants, developed first by the godless Soviet Union. They have a great fondness for the weapons of the Communists, stemming from the Soviet Union’s long-standing support of Islamic dictatorships and willingness to sell them to anyone who asks.

It’s rather enlightening to look at a list of winners of Nobel Prizes in the hard sciences, and list them by nation and religion. Jews — both in and out of Israel — are represented far, far out of proportion to their numbers. Conversely, Muslims are considerably under-represented. Coincidence? I think not.

What was the last great innovation, the last great invention, the last great commercial good to come out of a Muslim nation? I can’t think of a one. Their biggest exports are oil, people, and terrorism. Some of the people are leaving for freedom, but too many are looking to bring the mentality, the beliefs, the attitudes, and the strife that have made their countries so wonderful to the rest of the world.

Yes, what I’m saying is harsh. I know it’s going to anger a lot of people.

But I don’t care. Anyone who has a problem with what I’m saying has a problem with reality. Take it up with the people who’ve made it all true, not the person who is simply speaking the truth.

Not all Muslims are fanatics. But far too many are, and they are empowered by the silence and the complicity of those who aren’t. They have chosen to stand by and do nothing while the radicals make certain that the most prominent spokesmen are the ones with the guns and the bombs and the knives.

That is their choice, and their right to do so. But they have no right to complain about the consequences of that choice.

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