The Chronicles of Gitmo

France convicts ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates of terrorism ties

A French court on Wednesday convicted on terrorism-related charges five Muslim French citizens, all of whom were former inmates at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay. The court sentenced the men to time served in American custody.

I’m shocked — shocked — that a group of Muslims who were held at Gitmo even could be suspected of being terrorists, much less convicted of terrorism-related offenses. In France, no less. What say you, Michael Moore?


Also on Wednesday three longtime British residents were released from Guantanamo and flown to Britain. London police arrested two on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts, while the third was detained for questioning.

Go figure.

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P.S. — Here’s a link to a ludicrously agenda-driven article by Pravda-MSNBC and the AP.

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