Labor Strife


Um, no.


The Acadamy Awards presentation ceremony found itself on Tuesday in the middle of the worst Hollywood labor clash in two decades.

Irony thy name is ironic.

There’s more:

Unclear was whether striking writers might attend the awards show or whether Oscar host Jon Stewart, a union member, would be permitted to write his own material.

You can’t even make that stuff up.


The writer’s union’s action of denying waivers to allow the Acadamy Awards to use its members for the Oscar broadcast came two hours after two of TV’s biggest late-night stars, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, said they would resume taping their shows on January 2, even if that means crossing union picket lines.

Ah, yes.

Normally Leno and O’Brien are good little comrades. But when the dank realities of leftism hit a little too close to home — i.e., their wallets — they’re quite ready to sing different tunes.

How liberal of them.

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